NGOs to Social Entrepreneurship – A Baton Change

Imagine you waking up one day with an idea of directing your business skills towards uplifting the profile of a social issue by deploying capital, skills and management. While mitigating the social issues, you reap profit as a bottom line; obviously, you are a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs may establish their startups to achieve their emancipating objective or restructure their […]

How a NGO Can Help to Provide Employment For Poor People

Upliftment of poor people is an uphill task for any government in India. India is shining like anything in the world arena, but still the reality is really bitter, more than 0.8 Billion people are struggling for their ends meet. All schemes which are currently running across the nation are not enough for upliftment of poor people. NREGA is a […]

Joining Hands With NGOs

Poverty and a poor literacy rate in India contribute towards acute child labor problems in India. This has to be considered a curse where small children are unable to enjoy their childhood and unable to go to school. They do not get any chance to get even some basic education. This again creates a vicious circle of poor literacy rates […]

Importance of NGOs In the Developing Society

NGOs or Non- governmental organizations made their first appearance in the mid of the nineteenth century, just after the World War II. The basic aim of forming these organisations was to provide support to the common people who had suffered a major loss in the post-World War scenario. Since that time NGOs have become increasingly influential in the development of […]

Everything You Need to Know Before You Fill an NGO Online Registration Form

An NGO is a non-governmental organisation that aims to promote the happiness, wellbeing and comfort of the people of a society. Such societies are not dependent on the government. Most often they work on: Curbing misuse of power Remove corruption Protect the environment Safeguard vulnerable groups Aid health of women and children The Vital Need of NGOs Because an NGO […]